Sunday, April 19, 2015

FL Studio 12 BETA 5 WIN

FL Studio is one of the world’s most popular and exciting music production systems. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.


Fully reworked scalable interface
– Any screen size or resolution you use, FL Studio will always fit
– Multi-touch capability extends to the Mixer.
– New category tabs and the ability to delete content on right-click
Channel Menu
– The Channel Options Menu have moved from the Toolbar Menus to the Channel rack.
Channel settings
– Have been integrated into the Plugin Wrapper (no more Channel settings pop-up). Pattern Menu
– The Pattern Menu has moved from the Channel rack to the Toolbar Menu and Pattern Selector.
Piano roll
– Piano roll Auto-zoom can now be deselected from Settings > General > Auto zoom in piano roll
– Multiple drag and drop for audio files onto Playlist (from a Windows file browser).
– Step sequences are now interchangeable with Piano rolls. VST Plugins
– VST plugin installation & discovery improved and simplified.
Fruity Formula Controller
– Updated, new UI.
Fruity Envelope Controller
– Updated, 8 Articulators, Mod X/Y env, Smart Knobs, New UI.
Fruity Keyboard Controller
– Attack smoothing, new UI.

OS : Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Language : English

What’s new?:
11.5.16 (02/04/2015) Bugfixes:
Fixed freeze exporting NewStuff song
Patcher: fixed hidden latency labels
Plugin scanner: various fixes
Wrapper: fixed crash with two Fruity Balance instances (64bit)
Wrapper: fixed freeze with bridged FabFilter Pro-Q
Wrapper: fixed crash closing detached bridged window

FL Studio 12 BETA 5 WiN + MEDICINE:

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