Monday, April 20, 2015

Harmogeddon KONTAKT


Well, I certainly hope that the result is not as disastrous, as it may sound :) From time to time I stumble upon some of my long time forgotten instruments to suddenly find the way to be used in a creative way, which is often not an easy task when using it live. Due its own flaws, or your own inability to use the instrument properly – you know it, you can play certain instruments very well, some to a certain point and some are better not to be touched – they are simply not your cup of tea. And this is the case with this one also – like my mandolin, which eventually ended like the “Old Mandolin” some of you may know, this one has been put away in a drawer for a long time. Not of the best quality, with me not being the best player.

– 779 MB installed
– 114 nki/nkm files (250 ncw files) in 4 categories of sounds
– harmonica in D with its flaws and imperfections
– 3 RR variations and 3 layers
– essential harmonica samples
– rich sound design category

– Filter, Cabinet, Lo-Fi, Flanger, EQ, Delay, Reverb, Attack, Release control

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